Thursday, November 18, 2010

Changing motor mount on '95 Plymouth Voyager?

I'm fairly good at fixing cars but have never changed a motor mount. A friend says he needs a motor mount changed on his Voyager. How hard will this be? I mean it looks easy enough. Only thing I can think of is I may need to support the engine from underneath with a jack. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.Changing motor mount on %26039;95 Plymouth Voyager?

Use a 2x4 between the jack and the oil pan to distribute the weight of the engine a little so you don't dent the oil pan.Changing motor mount on %26039;95 Plymouth Voyager?
That's all you really need to do is support it then unbolt it,very simple.

Occasionally we see one that has been in a fender bender and the engine slides sideways slightly.In that case one driveshaft is too close and the other too far off center.This makes the CV joint separate when turning hard.Changing motor mount on %26039;95 Plymouth Voyager?
yes a floor jack with a block of wood wil work and mosts are somewhat easy if you can see them then you should know its easy some that you cant get a hand on might be a pain but they are not that hard as that anyone couldnt do it anywhere not a big problem manChanging motor mount on %26039;95 Plymouth Voyager?
which 1 needs changing? if it,s the dog bone then that,s not too bad but for the back one you need to put a floor jack with a board on the jack so it wont dent the oil pan, jack it up and take the mount off and replace it.

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