Thursday, November 18, 2010

How do I change my 88 Chevy S10 driver motor mount?

2wd Tahoe truck 4.3

I'm looking for any useful tips in replacing this motor mount. Not sure where the best spot is at to brace the motor.

I'm planning on running the truck up on ramps, then cuming up from the bottom with a floor jack for support of the motor.

I may be attempting this in the next 7 days or sooner.

Thank you in advance for any help you can give me.How do I change my 88 Chevy S10 driver motor mount?
If possible, it is always best to place the jack under a solid part of the block. Most of the time this is not possible. I usually end up placing it under the oil-pan. Always use a block of wood between the jack and the pan to keep from damaging the pan. Before putting any pressure on the pan remove the nut from the mounting bolt. Place a small amount of pressure on the pan and remove the bolt. Lift the engine just enough to be able to remove the mount and install another. (It may be necessary to remove the mounting bolt on both sides) After installation of the new motor mount lower the engine and replace the bolt.How do I change my 88 Chevy S10 driver motor mount?
A safer and easier idea may be to use an engine lift if you can borrow one, and then lift from the top from an accessory bolt from the head on the driver's side. Even so, make sure that you have something like a jack stand under the engine when you do that. At least then you will only be working around a jack stand instead of both that and a jack. You'll like having the extra room.

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